an odd pursuit for a shy person

My family and friends don’t always know what I’m thinking, yet I put my innermost thoughts on the page for the world to read. I regularly ask myself, “Why? Who wants to know?”

Writing memoir and personal essays goes beyond the satisfaction of expressing essential truths in my life; I’m always searching for truths that touch others. When readers are moved, I’ve done my job. That’s why I write.

From the WordSisters Blog

Finding Common Ground in the Essence of the Holidays
Halloween and Thanksgiving have evolved so much from their original meanings that often it’s hard to make sense of our current practices. Continue reading

Living in a Parallel Universe
Usually we avoid politics in this blog, but today I feel I must speak. I woke up to life in a country I didn’t recognize. One in which half of the citizens view what our country needs and how to … Continue reading


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