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Searching for someone in the emergency room, loading the car with moving boxes, or finding an old letter might become the inspiration for one of my personal essays, memoirs, or blogs.

Like visual artists who incorporate “found objects”—a feather, a brass key, beach glass—into their work, I seek the profound in the found objects of my personal experience. In my writing, I strive to capture essential truths that move readers.

from the WordSisters blog

Compliment Activation (or Geeky Fun with Words)
This has been a tough week in the world, so I thought you might like a little diversion. Sometimes I hear interesting words or phrases that pique my curiosity. These three phrases suggested meanings, but when I checked, I discovered … Continue reading

Peering Past the Red Velvet Rope
Imagining what a future tour guide would say about my home Continue reading


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