an odd pursuit for a shy person

My family and friends don’t always know what I’m thinking, yet I put my innermost thoughts on the page for the world to read. I regularly ask myself, “Why? Who wants to know?”

Writing memoir and personal essays goes beyond the satisfaction of expressing essential truths in my life; I’m always searching for truths that touch others. When readers are moved, I’ve done my job. That’s why I write.

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Shopping? Let Me Grab My Laptop!
We don’t come because it’s no fun, and it’s no fun because we don’t come. Continue reading

16 ½ Things I Love About Summer
1. Early morning walks around the neighborhood (a.k.a. my own tour of gardens). 2. Strawberries, peaches, and cucumbers with dill in sour cream. Burgers/brats/shish kabobs on the grill. Homegrown tomatoes and sweet corn in August. 2 1/2.  Picking fresh herbs … Continue reading


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